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While self-drive options allow you the freedom to go where you want at your own pace, Fully escorted tours provide for a relatively care free vacation where all you need to do is sit back, stare out the windows of your coach while letting someone else do the driving.
Our escorted tour options are run by certified driver guides who have studied their lands and will speak to you from location to location telling you about all those “little things” we would miss if we drove ourselves.
I remember one tour I was on that took us around Loch Lomond in Scotland. As we were driving around the Loch, the driver began to sing “On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond”. We’ve all heard the song before but this is the first that I heard that the song tells the story of two Scottish soldiers who were so imprisoned. One of them was to be executed, while the other was to be set free. According to Celtic legend if someone dies in a foreign land, his spirit will travel to his homeland by "the low road" - the route for the souls of the dead. In the song, the spirit of the dead soldier shall arrive first, while the living soldier will take the "high road" over the mountains, to arrive afterwards.
I would never had known this had I not had the luxury of a guide telling us of those “little things.

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