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When you ask yourself; what type of Travel is best for me?

Escorted Tours vs Indépendant options

The split is pretty even when it comes to the number of people who choose between fully escorted tours or self-drive vacations.
While it’s nice to have the structure and guidance of the escorted tour, for many, the freedom of the independent tour is what they prefer.
At Tailwind Destinations, we’ve done them both. While we love doing the care-free escorted tours, we agree that there is also something to be said in exploring a foreign land at your own pace.
Choose for yourself:

Escorted Tours:
While self-drive options allow you the freedom to go where you want at your own pace, Fully escorted tours provide for a relatively care free vacation where all you need to do is sit back, stare out the windows of your coach while letting someone else do the driving.
Our escorted tour options are run by certified driver guides who have studied their lands and will speak to you as you travel from location to location telling you about all those “little things” we would miss if we drove ourselves.
The tours we offer provide a good balance of touring time as well as well as plenty of time to spend “at your leisure” with many meals and other inclusions included in the cost. We’ve included a couple of tour options in the tab above for comparison, but these are by no means all we offer. We have dozens of tours we can offer.

Independent Travel:
When considering Independent travel, you have the freedom to go where you want, stop whenever you feel the need, stay as long as you like and leave again whenever you’re ready. You can choose your accommodations, your transportation your route and where you eat and drink. As far as your itinerary, this is where we come in, and it’s what we do best!

Independent Self-Drive, or Foreign Independent Travel, also known as “FIT” to the Travel professional community, are travel plans and itineraries created by travel professionals specializing in specific regions based on the needs and desires of individual clients.
These professionals will customize your travel plans based on what you want in order to make your vacation something truly special.
True “FIT” agencies are destination specialists because of a passion they have for the places in which they specialize. They’ve studied the places they’ll send you and they’ve travelled there as well. You’ll hear their stories and you’ll find out about the little secrets they’ve learned along the way.

While the word “customized” may scare people away because of the perceived cost of anything customized, chances are that with our tourism connections, industry discounts and proven knowledge base, we can arrange an efficient trip for you at a very reasonable cost. We’ll do the research, we’ll write the itinerary based on what you want, we’ll secure your accommodations, car rentals, guides, admissions, ferries and pretty much everything else you can imagine prior to you leaving. Most importantly, know what the trip will cost prior to ever leaving home.
Simply contact us and let us know what your dreams and wishes are. We’ll go to work and give you an idea of suggested itinerary and cost. From there, we’ll work together to fine tune it to make the vacation a perfect one.
We’ve been impressing our clients since 2008. Let us know what we can do for you.

On the tabs above, you will find “pre-planned” self-drive vacations. While these offerings have pre-booked rooms and pre-determined destinations, they have been put together to give you an idea of what the cost might be. Please know that prices fluctuate greatly depending on the season, where you go, what you do and the level of accommodations, car rentals and options.
These options are by no means all that we have to offer. They’re simply examples.

Please, give us a call or send an e-mail. Let us help you to create the memories of a lifetime. Please click the contact link below.