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Ireland self-drive...

As mentioned earlier, the split is pretty even when it comes to the number of people who choose between fully escorted tours or self drive vacations.
While it’s nice to have the structure and guidance of the escorted tour, for many, the freedom of the independent tour is what they prefer.

At Tailwind Destinations, we’ve done them both. While we love doing the escorted tours, we agree that there is something to be said in exploring a foreign land at your own pace.

You can stop whenever you feel the need, stay as long as you like and leave again whenever you’re ready. You can choose your accommodations, your transportation your route and where you eat and drink.

As far as your itinerary, This is where we come in, and it’s what we do best!

While some people know their plans and simply grab the keys and go, others need the expertise of someone who’s been there to show them the way. If you fall in the latter category, we will be more that happy to customize your trip based on your dates of travel and your personal desires. We will plan an itinerary for you from start to finish and offer suggestions of places to see and things to do. We can even save you money by customizing your Scotland vacation to coincide with the Ireland at a Glimpse booklet we will give you.

On the links in the side bar as well as in the drop-down menu above, you will find “pre-planed” self drive vacations. While these offerings have pre-booked rooms and pre-determined destinations. They are by no means all that we have to offer in regards to the do-it-yourself vacation.

Please, give us a call or send an e-mail. Let us help you to create the memories of a lifetime.