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While self-drive options allow you the freedom to go where you want at your own pace, Fully escorted tours provide for a relatively care free vacation where all you need to do is sit back, stare out the windows of your coach while letting someone else do the driving.
Our escorted tour options are run by certified driver guides who have studied their lands and will speak to you from location to location telling you about all those “little things” we would miss if we drove ourselves. On another page, we told you about the story of Loch
Lomond in Scotland and the beautiful song we’ve all heard.
In Ireland, we had much of the same experience as we were driven down a road in the middle of nowhere surrounded by rolling hills green with grass. The bus slowed to a stop and our guide pointed to a lone tree in the middle of a field…he proceeded to tell us of “fairy trees”….
A fairy tree is traditionally a tree that stands alone in the middle of a cleared area, or a natural clearing. It is believed to be a pathway to the Underworld of the Sidhe (or elves/fairies). Those who cause harm to a fairly tree are said to be cursed by the Sidhe, and have terrible bad luck. If you even touch a fairy tree you run the risk of calling attention to yourself, and that is not always a good idea when dealing with the denizens of the Other World.
Again, this is very old Irish folk superstition, nothing more. Although there have been documented cases of strange and somewhat frightening things happening to those who violated a Fairy Tree. I would never had known this had I not had the luxury of a guide telling us of those “little things.

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