Tailwind Destinations LLC


Terms and Conditions


1. Agent for Suppliers: Tailwind Destinations LLC, Inc.  (“Tailwinds”) acts as a sales agent for any airline, hotel, car-rental company, tour operator, cruise line, or other service provider named in your itinerary or confirmation (“Suppliers”).  We are not responsible for the acts or omissions of the Suppliers or their failure to adhere to their own schedules, provide services or refunds, financial default, or failure to honor future trip credits. We have no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the Suppliers and no liability for recommending a trip credit in lieu of a refund.
2. Risks of Travel and Release: We assume no responsibility for and shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of any party not under our control, or any acts of God, unsafe conditions, terrorism, health hazards including pandemics, illnesses, weather hazards, or the suitability for a disabled person of any portion of any trip. We have no special knowledge of dangers during travel or at destinations. For information related to such dangers, we recommend going to the State Department travel website at www.travel.state.gov,  click on "Find International travel Information” then click on "Country Information", and fill in the name of the destination country. For medical and health information, we recommend going to the Centers for Disease Control website at www.cdc.gov/travel, then click on “Destinations” and scroll to the name of the destination country. It is your personal decision to travel, and you are doing so with full knowledge of current travel recommendations and travel restrictions with regards to the risks of COVID-19. YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY ASSUME ALL OF THESE RISKS AND DANGERS, AND YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY AGREE TO FOREVER RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND HOLD US, AND OUR AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, ASSOCIATES, AFFILIATED COMPANIES, GUIDES,  GROUP  LEADERS, AND SUBCONTRACTORS HARMLESS AGAINST ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, ACTIONS,  CAUSES  OF  ACTIONS, SUITS, CLAIMS, AND DEMANDS OF ANY AND EVERY KIND AND NATURE WHATSOEVER WHICH YOU NOW HAVE OR WHICH MAY HEREAFTER ARISE OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THESE RISKS AND DANGERS.
3. Vaccination Requirements and Other Rules: We have no responsibility for COVID-19-related requirements that travel suppliers and governments may impose from time to time, such as required vaccinations, health affidavit forms, COVID-19 screenings prior to departure or upon arrival, face coverings, or quarantines. For the latest COVID-19 government travel regulations, we recommend going to IATA’s website at https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm. For the latest travel supplier rules, check the website of each supplier, and keep checking because these rules are constantly changing, and we are not responsible for those changes.
4. Other Foreign Entry Rules: You assume full and complete responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, or other entry requirements of your destination and your connecting points, and all conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at such destination. Many countries require your passport to be valid for six months or more after your date of entry. Some countries will not admit persons convicted of a crime. Some countries require both parents’ consent for minors to travel.
5. Fees and Price Drops: You agree to pay the travel planning, change, and other fees. All of our fees are non-refundable. If a Supplier drops the price of a trip after booking, we will try to assist you with rebooking if the Supplier allows it, and a fee may apply. We do not guarantee any refunds or successful rebooking.
6. Price Increases: Travel arrangements involving airline and cruise components are subject to Suppliers’ supplemental price increases that may be imposed by the supplier and/or government, even after you have completed your purchase. You hereby consent to any such price increases and authorize your credit or debit card to be used for them. Suppliers have their own contracts covering cancellation penalties and other terms and conditions, and you may be bound by those contracts regardless of whether you receive notice of their terms.
7. Insurance: For your protection, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and travel accident insurance. Please note that, unless you buy a cancel-for-any-reason policy, most policies have a specific clause stating they do not cover epidemics and pandemics, especially when travel warnings are in place. No representation or description of the insurance made by our staff constitutes a binding assurance or promise about the insurance. You agree to hold us harmless for your election not to purchase travel insurance or for any denial of claim by travel insurer as it relates to COVID-19 or any other claim under the policy.


8. Payment and Cancellations: Tailwind Destinations accepts payment via credit card, personal check, or business check. All checks must be in US Funds from a US bank. Participants can submit a reservation with their deposit by mail or by phone. Payments made by credit card will only be processed upon submission and receipt of a completed Credit Card Form.
Checks can be mailed to:
                    Tailwind Destinations LLC
1101 Shagbark Lane
Union Grove, WI 53182
Third-Party credit cards will not be accepted.  
Deposits: A deposit of $500 per person is required for all international tours.  
Reservations are not confirmed unless deposits, or payment in full, depending on the date of booking, have been received. Reservations without deposits or not paid in full are cancelled at our discretion. If possible, we may reinstate a cancelled booking upon receiving payment, providing spots remain open.
Balance Due: The full payment is required by check or credit card 120 days from the start of the trip. If the time of booking is within 90-days, the payment is due in full. Reservations will be cancelled if final payment is not received by the due date and cancellation charges will apply as noted below.

Refunds and cancellation penalties:

Cancels prior to the start date:                Cancellation penalty
120 days or more                                      $200
91-120 days                                             $500
60-90 days                                     50 % of tour costs
0-59 days                                       100% of tour costs

Miscellaneous: Tour prices stated are per person and based on double occupancy. All tours that we offer are for land only and do not include airfare, hotel rooms before or after the tour, personal purchases or any other costs incurred not advertised in the tour. Every effort has been made to produce pricing accurately. We reserve the right make changes and correct errors at any time.


9. Updated Itineraries: Itineraries are continually evolving based on changes directed by our suppliers, guides or other travel partners and will be emailed to you closer to departure time. In the meantime, the sample itinerary listed on the tour page of the Tailwind Destinations website will give you a reasonable and relatively accurate plan for what to expect.

10. Claims Deadline and Exclusive Jurisdiction: You agree to present any claims against us within 30 days after your trip ends and to file suit within one year of the incident, and you acknowledge that this expressly limits the applicable statute of limitations to one year.  You agree that the courts in [county name, state name] will be the exclusive jurisdiction for all claims brought by you or us, and you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of those courts.
11. Don’t be that person! Tours offered by Tailwind Destinations consist of fine-tuned itineraries with some built in buffers to account for traffic and other unforeseen causes for delay. You will be given time for pictures, shopping, food and bathroom breaks as they fit into our itinerary. It’s important that you adhere to the time allotments given in order to keep our itinerary intact. Failure to do so without a cushion to make up time could cause a shift in our itinerary to include missing events. For any missed itinerary events due to factors beyond our control, including those within your control will not require refunds of any manner. There’s always that one person on each tour that stretches the limits of available time, at the very least, causing others to wait. reserves the right to have tour participants removed from the balance of the tour

 Also, Tailwind Destinations will not tolerate aggressive, abusive, or undermining behavior. You accept the responsibility for proper conduct. We reserve the right to terminate the tour for problem individuals. No refunds will be given if the decision is made to exclude the traveler from the remainder of the tour or portions of the tour. Tailwind Destinations shall have no obligation to pay compensation, costs or expenses travelers may incur as a result of the arrangements being terminated in these extremely rare instances. In other words, don’t be that person


12. Payment of your deposit indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.