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We've cruised with Scenic, and we'll recommend no other…

Join Scenic for a luxury European river cruise on the waterways of Europe, and journey through a land of indelible culture and heritage. The rivers of the continent connect more than countries; they allow you to discover multiple destinations in one seamless journey — from enchanting capitals to landscapes of arresting beauty. 

A cruise through Europe’s historic river system is the perfect way to unearth the enriching highlights of the continent. Travel in 5-star style on-board a Scenic Space-Ship, and let the unforgettable sights come to you. Scenic cruises are done in English only, to make you feel as comfortable as possible

Thanks to their impressive fleet of Space-Ships, Scenic cruises to every corner of Europe. Discover the ‘joie de vivre’ of France on the Seine, Saône, Rhône, Garonne and Dordogne. Bask in the sun-kissed beauty of Portugal’s Douro. Or cruise the classic routes of western Europe on a Rhine River Cruiseor central Europe's cultural heartland on a Danube River Cruise, and all in the utmost elegance and luxury. With Scenic river cruises, a journey of wonder and discovery awaits.