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Tailwinds Travel Tips… 

~Bring Along an extension cord~ the type with 3 additional outlets. This will allow you to charge multiple items without having to use extra adaptors, especially helpful when there might be a shortage of outlets, or the outlets are too far away from where you need them.  
~Bring Along some cheap washcloths~ something you can throw away. Many European hotels do not supply them, although they do supply shower gel. 
~Bring Along your favorite granola bars~ they make for a cheap snack while abroad. When they're finished, you'll free up space for souvenirs and other purchases. 
~Create a Hotel Dinner Feast ~ Bring along, or purchase while abroad, a small cutting board, small serrated knife, plastic knives/forks. Buy local hams, cheese bread- beer/wine enjoy a “local” feast in your room, hotel lobby or balcony. 
~Take just enough money from the airport ATM. Get more money later. ATM’s away from the airport may have cheaper fees. 
~Use Credit Cards without international charge fees. You’ll save a lot of money. 
~Use Credit Cards that give you points. 
~Let your bank know you're traveling~ They could suspend your account for “suspicious activity” while your abroad. You won’t know this until you try to pay your dinner bill. 
~If you rent a car~ check the gas level before you leave the rental place. Make sure the tank is full. We’ve been caught on this one.  
~Pack a sleep mask and earplugs~ These can come in handy on a plane, train, bus or in your hotel room. 
~Capitalize on empty suitcase space~ Roll your clothes, instead of folding them. Stuff socks, underwear, and accessories inside of shoes. Leave no space unused. 

~Create Compartments~ Two words: packing cube. If you are visiting more than one city during your trip, packing cubes will keep your suitcase organized and save you from having to pack and unpack. 
~Bag it~ Kitchen sandwich bags can be used to hold your accessories, vacuum pack bags can be space savers, and trash bags have multiple uses (laundry bag, shoe covers). When we travel, and bring back beer or wine, we’ll pack them in socks and 2-gallon Ziploc bags. 
~Make Photocopies~ If you’re traveling out of the country, make two photocopies of your passport-Have someone else carry them. Also, use your smartphone to take pictures of your car in the airport’s parking garage and do the same for your luggage and its contents in case it gets lost. 
~Bring portable batteries~ You’ll be using your cell phones and tablets. It’ll be a shame if you run out of power. These batteries cannot be checked on aircraft. You’ll need to carry them on, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re going to use your device while airborne. 
~Assume your luggage~ will be lost- Put a change of your clothes in someone else’s checked bag, and vice versa. If a bag gets lost, you’ll still have something to change into. Also, carry on a change of clothes and anything you cannot do without (Medications, medical devices etc.).  

~Packing your beers~ We like to wrap our beers in socks, and then package them in 2-gallon Ziploc bags. Each bag will hold 4-beers placed in opposite directions. I once had a bottle break in transit. The socks soaked up the beer and contained the broken glass. The Ziploc bag kept it all dry. Before you leave, fill any extra luggage space with socks.