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All Good Things ~Belgium

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2023 All Good Things~ Belgium

Welcome to the page of our flagship tour appropriately named “All Good Things Belgium”

Although this tour is marketed as a celebration of the Belgian Brewing culture, it is by no means to be considered to be a “pub crawl”. Instead, it’s also a celebration of the cuisine, history, people and beauty of Belgium.
We offer an incredibly well-balanced itinerary with enough “self-time” baked in to be able to explore on your own as well as with the group. Together, we’ll walk through Brussels, the birthplace of the praline, and visit several chocolatiers, sampling their art along the way. We’ll visit beautiful Dinant, home of the saxophone and stay in a wonderful hotel that was once an abbey. We’ll visit Bastogne and learn of the pivotal Battle of the Bulge from a guide who lived through it. We’ll visit Flanders fields to see the WW1 battlegrounds, cemeteries, and monuments. We’ll tour the Medieval town of Kortrijk. You’ll stay in Bruges, a living medieval city untouched by any of the Great Wars.

There are several companies that offer Belgian Beer Tours. Before you make your choice, read their itineraries and inclusions. I’m confident there are none that offer a tour like this, especially for the price. There are some that offer tours to the Trappist breweries that are closed to the public stating “we might be able to tour the brewery”. The chances of this is slim.
Also, if you’re looking for a pub crawl, this tour isn’t for you. If you’d rather not see the beauty of Belgium and if you're just there for the beer, there are other tours that will cater to your desires. If you want to experience All Good Things Belgium. We’d be honored if you would join us. You can download our flyer

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